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Brand Sustainability: Brand Trilogy

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May 8, 2014
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September 14, 2018

Like Hindu trilogy, brands are created, sustained and reoriented in various avatars and at times it is also required to be destroyed to launch a new one.

I n the epicenter of Brand Sustainability, persists Satyam-Shivam- Sundaram, which is primarily responsible for a brand to be sustainable and have a competitive advantage and also fight all weather extrinsic erosion that it faces as time passes by.Most of the brands do not see the face of the light beyond a point or after the first generation of its innovator or creator, the reason is simple- something has gone wrong with this triple S Mantra.

So it was Satyam which went wrong with Sears Roebuck after they made Sears Tower, Shivam went off track in Apple, after Steve Jobs left and Malaysian Airline made big guff up with Sundaram.Ohm of Brand: Before I get down in unraveling facts about this 3 mantra of brands, let me introduce Ohm of Brands. In the core of any brand is its purpose, the very purpose of existence of that brands and what is served to its audience. Without a purpose, a brand is like a body without a soul. So every brand when it goes for soul searching must find its purpose, it credo, and embodiment of its product. This purpose of brands is often reflected in its vision statement.

Many of you must have wondered as for why some brands last forever while other are fly-by-night. It is the purpose which guides a brand and makes its destiny. So when Unilever came up with its first product, ‘Sunlight’ it had a bigger purpose to serve and make the life of mankind easy, which is even followed to this day and as for why it has sustained over decades and war and peace. At Bilcare Research, where I’ve spent many years to develop and proliferate this brand across the geographic region: our core purpose is to ensure better healthcare outcome through many facets of drug delivery mechanism.


L et me now demystify the concept of Satyam- Shivam- Sundaram of brands in the context of brand sustainability.

Satyamofbrand :

is reality of brand, which is it has to be profitable in its category and in all aspect, branding programs around its should have profitability, margin and there must be ROI on brand investment, without which the brand will lose its sheen soon, howsoever it may look or feel good or may have won awards, it must throw money to sustain the brand or diversify to other sub-brand categories as expansion program. Satyam for both ‘Mulvrisha’ i.e. umbrella brand or Corporate Brand or Strategic Brand as well ‘Shakaa’ be it Co-brands, sub-brands, Linchpin-brands, Cash cow or silver bullet brands all must have certain ROI, though for former it may be more important than later categories.

Shivamofbrands :

Shivam means leadership, every brand must have certain leadership traits to be sustainable. When it is unable to garner leadership position in the market, it must reorient, rethink or need be make it a niche to create a super focused category to make its past for leadership, this way it only extends its life towards sustainability which otherwise can get lost in the cacophony of competition. At Bilcare, we created a niche category of -pharma focused solid dosage blister packaging and thereby made our leadership position on the same globally. Once a leadership position is achieved, you can then work on other brand strategies to leverage and expand. So without a Shiva or Leader, you are walking a path of a dead end.

Shivamofbrands :

Advertising and creative world folks would disagree with me and would like to put creative, color, logo, statement and positioning and visual part of the brand as most important part of brand sustainability to which I have to say: Yes it is equally important. Beauty and image of the brand is non-negotiable and will decide its future. Even for boring B2B large conglomerate, there has to be a human touch: soft, suave and subtle expression of love, which comes out of brand beauty or ‘Sundaram’The entire Advertising and PR industry thrives on this aspect- as how to make it look more Sundaram and now these days social and digital media has taken than ones to make brand look ‘Sundar Sringhar’ As we go defining Brand Sustainability and describe many contours of its success tools, we August to remember and take seriously these three mulmantra often mentioned in Hindu Scriptures. Jaydip Chowdhury Head of Corporate Communications and Advocacy, Bilcare Research Tweet me: @jayceep1

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