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Communication powered by Artificial Intelligence

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September 14, 2018
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September 14, 2018

Back in 2001, Artificial Intelligence (AI) was only a science fiction drama film co-written, co-produced, and directed by Spielberg.

T The movie touched my heart and soul every time I watched it. Then, no one knew that this will soon become a buzz and reality in realms of the tech world. Today, we are surrounded by AI, Machine Learning, Block Chain, Big Data, IoT, Social Media, Virtual and Augmented Reality and Robot aided assistance in our daily life. Smart Phone, TV is rather a necessity and not luxury anymore, Alexa is new KantaBai in an Indian household.

We have witnessed- how social media has redefined and stormed communication Industry challenging status quo of individuals. Looking from the prism of the time machine, let us see how AI will impact Corporate Communications and its stakeholders:

  • AI can boost our analytic and decision-making abilities and heighten creativity and both are paramount to communication..

  • AI will analyze the digital landscape with exact insights, real-time updates - a step ahead of social media listening tools. It will enablesuper customized communication.

  • AI will deliver news to target audiences in new and innovative ways using virtual and augmented reality applications.

  • AI will enable faster responses to crises, following present parameters as part of human-centric contingency plans. AI bots will be programmed to assist crisis communication leaders – and they won’t be swayed by emotions in heated crisis situations.

  • AI will deliver better metrics for corporate communications- based on machine learning and deep learning algorithms- making Marcom campaign absolute ROI.

  • AI will become the channel through which identity-based corporate communications will emerge. The precision will be impressive, with communications customized to each individual.

  • AI will be able to inform corporate communications personnel of inconsistencies, discrepancies, conflicts, and predictions of oncoming issues- exposing lies and identify deception.

  • AI will make it possible for corporate communications to communicate directly with machines as part of daily routine work.

  • A new Business Model will emerge - B2R (Business to Robot) where it gets channelized to stakeholders through customized communications facilitated by AI.

  • AI will enable corporate communications professionals to train more people on the best practices of communications.

Good News for Corp Communication:

Communications leaders will manage better localization of content with AI around the world. The fraternity will also have a bigger stake in an organization’s risk management team, using AI as a basis for interpreting probabilities. Amidst the rise of AI, corporate communications professionals will be trusted sources and will take center stage of organizational transformation with a pivotal strategic role.

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