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Destructive Intellectualism

The 2 Minute Brand
May 7, 2014
Brand Sustainability: Brand Trilogy
September 14, 2018

Yes! You heard me right, I ‘m trying to introduce a term – newsmaker in our country sounds similar but very different to that era of Renaissance or French revolution- ‘DESTRUCTIVE INTELLECTUALISM’.

T hese are high society pseudo-Intellectual, or Lieutenant of modern India, who are omnipresent in any pseudo secular discourse- they are the self-proclaimed messiah of ‘Tolerance Doctrine’, Democratic Value or ‘Sacred Secularism’. These guys are actually in a true sense, jihadi custodian of the social fabric of our country. The Indian version of ISIS- ‘India secular & India sensible club members’.Their voices can be felt in the name of democracy -whenever pluralistic values of our country are at threat or independence is at the cross road of freedom and discipline development.

Who they are:

It is no longer limited to Maoist sympathizer or likes of Arundathi but an entire brand wagon of such mushrooming people from Cinema to Music to that of Literature. They Lowest Common Factor (LCM) in them is -all of them have never participated in the development of this country, nation building or even voicing against societal evil, divide between rich and poor. These people have always celebrated Diwali when our soldiers were being martyred at the border or in-house terrorism. They have never protested against black money, corruption, rising tax or Parliament disruption but were agile to talk about’ Tolerance’. When 26/11 happened they were-were nowhere to be seen but now you will hear them, it’s their time has arrived!

I t is their birthright to voice and returns honor that the Country has given them but what about returning the money they received, value adulation and prestige opportunism and wealth they accumulated over the years during different Govt. Why not return all that and take refuge in China, a rising economy. No, they will stay here and spit as well their venom, with practically no nation building endeavor or inputs. Why don’t these jokers force our politician and MPs to perform and be responsible in Parliament? Why not return international award when our soldier are killed in cross-border terrorism.

There were great poets like Tagore and Nazrul, who fought against imperialism to make this country free through their fiery poems and protest but look at these demeaning guys in a free country they want to make us slave by stopping developmental agenda and why not? India has secured its permanent position as developing country. This mindless action of returning award and defaming the country in the international theater is but the act of sedition, according to me but again such actions can only be Tolerated only in India! A country which the say Intolerant.

Yes, I agree eating beef should be a non-issue because our ancient Rishi and Yogis used to eat beef and there is no such doctrine in Hindu scripture not to eat but there is a way to highlight and defeat an extremist, who are sabotaging our culture, unity in the name of religion. But returning award as a sign of protest is actually encouraging these miscreants and not stopping them. As an intellectual you need to create a level of awareness in your area, through the documentary movie, music, art, and speech and not run away by returning national award- This is completely idiotic!

More importantly, look at the hypocrisy, they only want to return award and not paraphernalia and money attached to it.

These are the same clan- who were Bootlickers during British Raj, they are the one- who have stopped India from becoming a super power as part of the larger ploy. They are nothing but Intellectual Demon stopping this nation to rise to its Glory.

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