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Made For Each Other- ‘India vs World Economy’

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May 4, 2014
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May 5, 2014

Made in India! para Sonya! That was the tune we used to hear in the early nineties. No, I am not talking about Alisha Chinoy song but at a time when there were very few made in India products that were exported or had relevance in World Economy, barring few tradition products, tea, coffee, jute, textile we were not in a position to make our mark and on the other hand got excited with Japanese Kaizen or GE excellence.

W ith time Indian IT industry made it mark in the world and US started off-shoring IT, ITeS, later BPO and more recently several KPO were set up.With his clarion call, our PM Narendra Modi has now sung a new song ‘Make In India’ Let me demystify it as we hear about it a lot today in almost every forum and story.

Make in India is not only wooing foreign manufacturer from US, Europe and Japan to come to Indian shore and set up manufacturing base like what they have done in Thailand, Indonesia and elsewhere in Asia but it is also asking and strengthening Indian Companies in manufacturing skill set, competence in manufacturing and in the process creation of million of jobs. This is a wonderful strategy which our earlier PM, including the first PM, could not vision.

T he next wave will be ‘Made for India’ In fact, that has already started. Manufacturers across the world are going to tailor make products suiting Indian customers. Be it automobiles, consumer or home appliances or even fashion brands, all of them are queuing for India’s gigantic discerning buying class- The middle-class factor, who have now even started tasting luxury brands from shoe to tie. In a recent interview, Ford’s Global CEO, Mark Fields admits that they are very particular about savvy Indian customers, who are extremely demanding and wants best of the products and pricing, compelling Ford to rethink and redesign India market cars for their needs. In fact, if you look at any major brands, they are increasing rethinking and trying to address their blockbuster brands for Indian consumers.

In many case Organization is also making India as a major marketing hub of the entire region, spanning from Asia, Europe to far Australia. So in short, India and Indian consumer are actually redefining global brands and organization behind them and many of them, like Alibaba and many more big BaBas of the West are looking for what I say…. Made for India rush, similar to the Gold Rush of the wild west. So let enjoy this transition from made in India make in India and in future made for India

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