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September 20, 2018
ET Now Super Achiever Recognition
September 20, 2018

It was not Omar Al Mukhtar who brought over Arab Spring in Egypt but a Google executive, Wael Ghonim, who flared campaign over Facebook and then the famous # Jan 25 Tweet which shook over Hosni Mubarak’s political regime in Egypt. Similarly, it was not a management consultant, who shaped customer service benchmark at United Airline but YouTube Video released by Dave Carol and his band which had more than 150,000 instant views on YouTube after listening to his song themed around how United Airline broke his guitar during a transit from Chicago to Omaha.

F rench Renaissance or Revolution across Europe, Russian Czars or American Independence war were as a result of intellectual indulging in meaningful dialogue. Today, in a 20th century, we are seeing a Digital Darwinism– where opinion is getting shared over social media discussion, often resulting in the revolution to riot, riot for the good or bad but the fact remains social media has taken over as the central axis of socio-geo-politico-economic and business diplomacy of the world.

Dialogue and the way communications are driven across Industry or for that matter in society is not the same as it used to be. Today, a publicist, equity analyst, advertisers or even (lobbyist) policy change advocacy- all taken refuge to social or digital media.

A l Rice and Jack Trout in their book wrote: in PR we pray, and in Advertising we pay. With the confluence of social and digital media, perhaps we have to rewrite a new book- which talks about a converged smart world, where customers in a crowd shared model is building communication dialogue for the brand and not the other way round. Today, news breaks over social media, followed by cue or often picked up in conventional media. It is believed that 25% of Twitter users are a journalist. So, once you have built the right message in right context: you have won half battle as this story will surely travel across through multitude of social media, word-of-mouth to land up as a big story in print press. To read more log on to my Blog coming soon by this weekend

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