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WCForum Davos, Talk At CERN,Geneva

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September 20, 2018
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September 20, 2018

WCFDavos scientific session was held at CERN, Geneva, where some of the brightest scientific minds shared expertise on the significant role of communications during the WCFDavos|CERN 2015 session in Geneva, on 9th March.

T he event was organized by the World Communication Forum in Davos Association which focuses on the priorities and challenges of the global communications agenda. Partners of the event were Russian Venture Company, INSCICO, CERN, and Kaiser Communications.

WCFDavos|CERN 2015 sought answers regarding the complex relation between science, industry, and public engagement, the cooperation between these three components and their integrated environment. A strong accent was put on the corporate approach in communications in the field of science. The session included case studies of the launch of the Large Hadron Collider and the discovery of ‘boson x’.

  • Among the speakers in the session were:
  • James Gillies, Head of Communications at CERN (Switzerland)
  • Alexander Potapov, Deputy CEO, Managing Director at RVC
  • Prof. Alexander Gerber, Founder & Scientific Director of INSCICO
  • Dr. Archana Sharma, Experimental Physicist at CERN
  • Prof. Marcos Barbosa, Federal University of Minas Gerais, President of SABO
  • Jaydip Chowdhury, Head of Corporate Communications & Advocacy, Bilcare Limited
  • Jaydip highlighted the aspect of branding science in ICE Age II, where social media and citizen science program is taking center stage, a time when the webinar is replacing seminar. He also talked about success story and communications case of ISRO Mission Mars from India.
  • The session was followed by the main WCFDavos summit held in Davos, Switzerland, on March 10-11.
  • World Communication Forum, Davos is a global event that aims to bridge the gap and connect key markets worldwide. Initiated in 2010 by an international coordination committee, it has gained the support of numerous international partner associations and organizations from 55 countries across 5 continents. In November 2014, in Switzerland, WCF was registered as a non-profit organization.

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